Wade & Josh Bradt



Wade grew up in a family of "artists," – photography being the medium of choice. He and his brother, Joshua, were behind the camera from an early age and have been given the opportunity to cover everything from weddings to campaign stops.



Wade´s love of photography began with posed photo shoots of his family, but his interest in capturing life "as it happens" soon blossomed into a more journalistic style. His unique aptitude for storytelling has been of immense benefit to those who have asked him to document their wedding or event.



Josh has been holding a camera almost his entire life! Although, he began at an early age he now has over 20 years of experience with a variety of media formats. As a professional photographer, "Josh" has an extensive range of experience from formal classical weddings, elegant bridal portraiture, and intimate, artistic engagement photos to lively Quinceañeras, dynamic athletes in motion, and animated family events.



One of his favorite formats is photojournalistic photography. His unique blend of technical skill, creativity, and passion ensure that you will have a professional photographer who is able to capture just the right moments! Our clients routinely tell us how much they value Josh's talent for capturing their special moments with family and friends.